“Sustainable Emergency Building” by BJTU+ joint team completes!

One and a half years in preparation, 21 days in construction. The team spares no effort to work on the project.

The post-disaster relief project designed by BJTU+ joint team and led by Ms. Li Junjie and Mr. Zhang Wen of Beijing Jiaotong University, was wrapped successfully!

Aimed to improve post-disaster accommodation facilities in view of the mounting threats of the climate crisis and natural disasters, this project will carry out demonstrative post-disaster construction based on international standard and sustainable concepts. More details>>>

Guests from Beijing Jiaotong University, Sichuan Red Cross, International Solar Decathlon Organizing Committee and the Fund attended the ceremony to witness the completion of the “Sustainable Emergency Building”.

After the ceremony, our Fund, Sichuan Red Cross Society and Beijing Jiaotong University held a tripartite discussion on the landing of the project in Sichuan.