Our Mission

The Fund aspires to harness local and global knowledge to realize sustainable and durable solutions to pressing societal and environmental challenges. Through connecting, supporting and empowering inspiring talents, academics and organizations, we join hands to build and nurture a just and sustainable future.

Project Focus


Climate Emergency

Disaster Preparedness
Carbon Reduction
Post-disaster Recovery
Community and Energy Resilience
Healthy Living Environment


Sustainable Construction

Earth Construction
Bamboo Structure
Upcycling of Construction Waste
Renovation of Heritage Houses


Social Inclusion

Food Aids
Nutrition and Health
Community Mutual Support
Active Aging
Inter-generational Integration
Care for the Elderly and Young
Just Education
Care for the Underprivileged

We cooperate with universities, charities and local communities in Hong Kong and mainland China, strategically supporting their projects on sustainable construction and post-disaster reconstruction etc., and facilitating the development and application of innovative technologies.
We draw lessons from our projects and share them, along with other relevant know-how, research findings and experience, with project partners so as to promote exchange, mutual learning and reflective culture.
We have developed a set of criteria to select projects for funding, which focus on the demonstration values, sustainability and long-term impact of a project. We are ready to join hands with experts and stakeholders to push through cooperation on selected projects to achieve outcomes with broader impacts.

聚賢築夢 明善造福​

Together we bring hope, aspiration and
build a just and sustainable future for people and beyond.