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Beijing Common Justice Foundation

Beijing Common Justice Foundation is a private foundation jointly founded by Prof. Wen Tiejun, the initiator of “Contemporary Rural Reconstruction”, and a number of organizations engaged in the cause of rural reconstruction, such as Liang Shuming Rural Reconstruction Centre. In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Foundation initiated the programme of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in rural areas to support prevention efforts in over a hundred villages across the country. CCMCCF played an essential role in the project.
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China | Beijing

Bejing Jiaotong University (BJTU)

BJTU is a national key university sponsored by Project 211 and Project 985. CCMCCF, in cooperation with the School of Architecture and Design of BJTU, will work on the teaching-and-technical development project of “Sustainable Post-disaster Emergency Architecture”. Also, the Fund will support the Sustainable Design Studio of the School to carry out demonstration construction projects on emergency shelters and accommodation facilities in post-disaster transition/reconstruction and recovery stages.
China | Chongqing

Chongqing University

Chongqing University is a national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education and sponsored by “211 Project” and “985 Project Innovation Platform”. In cooperation with the Division of Anthropology Studies of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science of Chongqing University, CCMCCF launched the Chongqing University Scholarship on Interdisciplinary Field Study along the Belt and Road Region, aiming to encourage postgraduate students to conduct regional and country studies and boost humanities and social science research related to countries and regions along the southern transport corridor.
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China | Sichuan

The Red Cross Society - Sichuan Branch

The Red Cross Society of Sichuan province has adopted a systematic and standardized professional model in disaster management since 1912. With extensive experience in front-line relief and post-disaster reconstruction, the organization is an important partner of CCMCCF in post-disaster transitional accommodation projects.
China | Sichuan

The Sichuan Haihui Poverty Alleviation Service Center

Haihui is a non-profit organization dedicated to poverty alleviation and the sustainable development of rural communities. In addition to supporting the organization’s care project for children in difficulty, CCMCCF also work with the organization on Bamboo Sustainable Livelihood & Climate Change Project using the Nature-based Solution framework as advocated by IUCN.
China | Hong Kong

“One University One Village” Rural Sustainability Assistance Programme

This programme is a university-led project on rural reconstruction and sustainable development. Since the programme’s initiation in 2014, CCMCCF has funded its efforts to develop earthquake-resistant rammed-earth buildings, bamboo-based structure construction and village development projects.
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Insitu Project

Insitu Project, initiated by architects Prof. Kuo Jze Yi and Prof. Peter Hasdell, has carried out a number of participatory construction projects in mainland China. CCMCCF supports its efforts to work in a participatory manner in House of Dreams (Phase II) in Zhoushan Village, Henan and to cooperate with other teams in community development to empower the village.
China | Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG)

HKFYG is the largest youth service organization in Hong Kong. CCMCCF supports the Neighborhoods First program to groom young leaders to develop neighborhood networks and support local community, helping the elderly living alone and carers through the pandemic.
China | Hong Kong

Principal Chan Free Tutorial World

The organization is committed to provide equal learning opportunities for underprivileged students in Hong Kong. CCMCCF supports its efforts to provide online learning support and education fund for grassroots students, and fund the Kwai Chung Talent Development Centre with the aim of giving underprivileged students equal opportunities for development.
China | Hong Kong

Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation

Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation encourages university student volunteers from Hong Kong and mainland China to build footbridges and village facilities in remote villages in mainland China with green concepts, thereby improving the livelihood of the villages and building spiritual bridges between people. CCMCCF has provided annual donation to the Foundation and supported their long-term development since 2010.

BRE Trust

BRE Trust is committed to creating a better environment for all by funding research and education programmes that improve the criteria of sustainable architecture. As a partner of CCMCCF, BRE Trust supports the Fund in research and development projects on disaster preparedness and response facilities.