Forthcoming: a new book on top sustainable construction cases in China with eco-responsible approaches

The French book Architectures en Chine Aujourd’hui Démarches écoresponsables (Sustainable Architecture in China Today) supported by our Fund is scheduled to be released in France in October.(More details

We are also working with China Architecture Publishing & Media to produce the Chinese version, sharing today’s representative Chinese sustainable architecture with a wider audience.
Written by French architects Françoise Ged and Heloise Le Carrer, this book summarizes what they have observed and analyzed over the years about urban planning and sustainable construction in China, and presents over 40 cases of sustainable architecture.
China has a long tradition of urban planning and landscapes linking nature and culture, which reveals an original approach to common goods and shared spaces. Breaking with general practice, professionals in land use planning and architecture are shaping places and practices that challenge 21st century consumption habits. They strive to preserve natural resources, traditional know-how and the quality of lifestyles or invent new processes of working together.
Presenting their achievements and the framework in which they take place will help build bridges between countries and their cultures.
A book full of energy to share best practices and contribute to the energy, ecological and societal transition!
About the authors

Françoise Ged
French architect, sinologist and responsible for the Observatory of Contemporary China – Cité de l’architecture where she has long developed partnerships with practitioners, teachers and researchers in China.
Heloise Le Carrer
French architect. She studied and conducted researches in China in the past few years.