Our Projects

CCMCCF has been supporting a number of organizations and projects in Hong Kong and mainland China, and is recognized by the Ministry of Housing, Rural and Urban Development in P.R.C. (MOHURD) and international and professional organizations. Its priorities lie in sustainable construction and disaster preparedness and response.

Research on Eco-Friendly and Low-Carbon Architecture Technology in Rural Areas

To promote and preserve China's traditional culture of rural architecture made from materials such as earth, bamboo, and wood, and to support the revitalization of rural areas, we have partnered with Kunming University of Science and Technology to conduct research on eco-friendly and low-carbon rural building technology. Our goal is to explore development models that are suitable for villages with relatively low economic levels by combining technology research and development, academic research, and practical projects.

Sustainable Rural Development Project

In response to the national rural revitalization strategy and to explore the low-carbon living model in the countryside, the Fund, together with a team of teachers and students from China Agricultural University, has launched the Sustainable Rural Development Project. The project has selected demonstration construction sites in Hunan and Hubei provinces, adhering to the principles of localization, local materials, and low-carbon sustainability, starting with the repair and renovation of heritage houses and residential dwellings, and gradually integrating social resources to promote rural development.

Renovation of The Rui's Heritage House in Wanjian Village

The Old House, with strong architectural feature of Southern Anhui style, is in urgent need of renovation after being long neglected and in disrepair. Meanwhile, the aging problem in the village becomes outstanding but unfortunately no center can be found for people to gather and support each other… This project will start from the renovation of the Old House and further develop it as a common space for the community, exploring a more positive and mutually support aging pattern to promote rural vitalization.

Community Participatory and Sustainable Construction Demonstration
House of Dreams (Phase II)

This project aims at engaging local villagers in the design and construction of their hometown. Villagers are motivated to upcycle construction wastes to build the research centre for rural development, so as to deal with the problem of hollow villages, population ageing, and the loss of traditional culture.

“Research and Development Centre for Low-carbon Construction” project

With rural sustainable construction as the main goal, the team carry out the improvement of comfort in cave dwellings (addressing ventilation, dampness, and other issues) and participatory sustainable water cycling systems for Zhou Shan Village’s House of Dreams in Dengfeng City, Henan Province.

Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation

Over the years, CCMCCF has provided staunch support to Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) with annual donations, so as to promote the communication between university students from Hong Kong and mainland China as well as to raise the younger generation’s awareness of social responsibility. Besides, CCMCCF has been contributing substantially to the construction of Macha Village Centre, as well as the R&D, promotion and application of the advanced rammed-earth construction technique.

“One University One Village” Rural Sustainability Assistance Programme

The programme aims to bring together the resources of universities to develop earthquake-resistant rammed-earth buildings, bamboo-based structure construction and village development projects in village. A research and development centre has been established to contribute to the vitalization of rural areas.

Care Programme For Children Living In Difficulty In Qingshen County, Sichuan

Some children in rural areas are living in difficulty due to poverty, lack of parental care, or physical disadvantage. In an effort to help them out, this project empowers local social organizations, mobilizes volunteers to offer support and companionship for these children so as to improve their physical and mental health.

Research and Development Project: Disaster Preparedness and Response Facilities

Aimed to improve post-disaster accommodation facilities in view of the mounting threats of the climate crisis and natural disasters, this project will carry out demonstrative post-disaster construction based on international standard and sustainable concepts.

"Neighbour - Buy and Delivery" and Community Service

The project aims to gather the power of youth to help high-risk groups get through the pandemic.The youth also have the opportunity to develop their talent and further build a wider community network.

Principle Chan Free Tutorial World
Mun Chung Kwai Chung Learning Centre

To provide equal and all-round development opportunities for underprivileged students, we will support the operation of the Mun Chung Kwai Chung Learning Centre run by our partner Principal Chan Free Tutorial. Our support will enable the Centre to offer a wide variety of classes, such as talent training, to underprivileged families for free.

Better Food. Better Health. Better Live:
A Nutrition Programme and Community Kitchen for Children living in Subdivided Units

Housing problems have been plaguing Hong Kong. A large number of low-income families are living in tiny, subdivided flats, struggling to provide sufficient play space and nutritious food for their kids, impacting the physical and mental health of both children and parents. We have supported our partner Caritas in a project that aims to provide nutritious meals for families and children living in subdivided flats in Hong Kong and raise the awareness of parents and caregivers about nutrition and ways to raise children healthily.

Kiddy Heart Canteen -
Health Development Initiative

Through offering nutritious meals and health-related information, setting up intervention groups and following up on cases of high-risk families, we aspire to support children from low-income families to get adequate nutrients from balanced diets and thus have equal opportunities for development and growth.

Trailwalker Teaching Room Trails Youth Initiatives

Due to financial burdens, grassroots children and youth in Hong Kong often have little opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. Our Fund supports the Trailwalker Teaching Room to provide extracurricular activities such as hiking and trail running courses for grassroots children and youth in the next two years, and to teach them about health care and treatment of injuries to help them improve fitness and grow up healthy, thus providing them with equal opportunities for developing their personal character and enhance their self-confidence.

Support on COVID-19 Pandemic Relief:
Online Learning Support and Education Fund for Grassroots Students

The pandemic impacts the grassroots families so hard, bringing difficulties to the students. This project aims to help students in need get through the challenges with online learning support and education fund.

Foodlink Supplemental Nutrition Program

Our Fund supports Foodlink Foundation to provide 1 year of nutritious food packs to families and children living in subdivided units, and through cooking classes to raise caregivers’ awareness of health food, promote parent-child relationships, and improve the chronic malnutrition of some grassroots children.

Parent-child Playgroups

At COVID times, a lot of children are stuck at home and unable to study at school. As a result, the parent-child relationship of some families, especially low-income families with limited living space, has been negatively impacted. We have supported the Child Parent Relationship Therapy Association of Hong Kong in a project that aims to improve parent-child relationships by providing parents in grassroots families with classes about using child-parent games as a therapy.

Support Sowers Action's Service Projects

Our Fund is working in partnership with Sowers Action to provide support to underprivileged children and families affected by the pandemic, and also supported its staff training and capacity building programmes in the mainland.

Chongqing University Scholarship on Interdisciplinary Field Study along the Belt and Road Region

The scholarship aims to facilitate interdisciplinary researches and develop locally appropriate projects.

COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control
COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in rural areas

At the early stage of the Covid-19 outbreak, rural areas suffered from a shortage of anti-epidemic supplies and equipment. This project actively addressed this issue, empowered community, and helped villagers to resume work and life.

Yuen Kong Kindergarten Renovation Project

To create a more comfortable teaching and learning environment and to enable the school to keep up providing quality education to grassroots children, our Fund supported community service groups and volunteers to complete school renovation projects during the summer of 2021.

Cognitio College (Kowloon)

CCMCCF funds Cognitio College (Kowloon) to build its new Kai Tak campus, supporting the development of a school featuring environmental protection, creativity, openness and learning. Meanwhile, CCMCCF provides grassroots students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with emergency relief.

Social Welfare Organizations Funding Programme in Hong Kong

CCMCCF has been supporting the development of social welfare organizations in Hong Kong to give back to the local society.

A Bridge Too Far A Dream Come True Project

This project helped build footbridges in rural areas in a sustainable way so that villagers could safely cross the river for their daily life. Later, building on previous success in the pursuit of sustainability, this project expanded into a charity that organizes students to serve in rural areas.