Our work

Since its foundation in 2008, CCMCCF has been actively supporting partner organizations in sustainable construction, post-disaster reconstruction, and community empowerment.

Projects in Progress

“One University One Village” Rural Sustainability Assistance Programme

The programme aims to bring together the resources of universities to develop earthquake-resistant rammed-earth buildings, bamboo-based structure construction and village development projects in village. A research and development centre has been established to contribute to the vitalization of rural areas.

Research and Development Project: Disaster Preparedness and Response Facilities

Aimed to improve post-disaster accommodation facilities in view of the mounting threats of the climate crisis and natural disasters, this project will carry out demonstrative post-disaster construction based on international standard and sustainable concepts.

Community Participatory and Sustainable Construction Demonstration
House of Dreams (Phase II&III) :Rural Development Research Centre in Zhoushan Village

This project aims at engaging local villagers in the design and construction of their hometown. Villagers are motivated to upcycle construction wastes to build the research centre for rural development, so as to deal with the problem of hollow villages, population ageing, and the loss of traditional culture. Meanwhile, this project will adopt the model of “solidarity economy” to explore a sustainable path for rural development.

Supported Projects

A Bridge Too Far A Dream Come True Project

This project helped build footbridges in rural areas in a sustainable way so that villagers could safely cross the river for their daily life. Later, building on previous success in the pursuit of sustainability, this project expanded into a charity that organizes students to serve in rural areas.

Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation

Over the years, CCMCCF has provided staunch support to Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) with annual donations, so as to promote the communication between university students from Hong Kong and mainland China as well as to raise the younger generation’s awareness of social responsibility. Besides, CCMCCF has been contributing substantially to the construction of Macha Village Centre, as well as the R&D, promotion and application of the advanced rammed-earth construction technique.