Support post-disaster reconstruction in Chenxi County, Huaihua

In order to promote post-disaster reconstruction, the Fund recently donated funds to the Chenxi County Charity Association to help with construction projects, hoping to help the local people better tide over the difficulties and rebuild their homes.

The House of Dreams Project Debuts at “Designing Circularity” Exhibition

With the focus on circular economy, this exhibition brings together inspiring examples from The Netherlands and Hong Kong, China that show how right now designers, architects and entrepreneurs are making this a reality by rethinking how we make and use the built environment, fashion apparel and everyday goods. The House of Dreams project, a community-driven and environmentally friendly construction demonstration that we support has been showcased.

The Rui’s Heritage House Transformed into Senior Activity Center Opens its Doors

After two years, the project successfully completed the renovation and trial operation, and it now meets the basic requirements to function as a senior activity center, offering functional spaces such as a canteen, cinema room, handicraft room, and lounge, which are open to the villagers.

The County-level Support Program for Children in Difficulties Seminar: shining a light on a cutting-edge social care service intervention model

After two years of practice, the project team explored a social support and care service model for children in difficulties’ survival situation, summarizing their practical work experience into a manual. On March 3, 2023, Haihui held a seminar on County-level Support Program for Children in Difficulties, officially releasing the 基于困境儿童生存现状的社会关爱服务介入模式手册(Social Care Service Intervention Model Based on the Survival Situation of Children in Difficulties manual).

Collaborating with Universities to Launch Research and Practice in Eco-Friendly and Low-Carbon Rural Architecture

In 2023, the Fund will continue to respond to the national “rural revitalization” strategy and promote various development projects in mainland China. In order to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese rural architecture culture, such as earth and bamboo, the fund has partnered with Kunming University of Science and Technology to initiate research on eco-friendly rural architecture technology.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit!

Wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous Year of the Rabbit.

The Chinese version of QSAND(Quantifying Sustainability in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters) released for interested parties and public to download and use

Quantifying Sustainability in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters (QSAND) is a self-assessment tool to assess and promote sustainability in post-disaster relief, recovery, and reconstruction.In 2021, our fund introduced this framework for domestic use by collaborating with domestic institutions on translation and review work of the assessment materials. In August 2022, the translated version was successfully completed.

Sustainable post-disaster emergency building with on-site demonstration completed

Over the past three years, by working with Beijing Jiaotong University and Sichuan Branch of the Red Cross Society of China and applying the self-assessment tool “Quantifying Sustainability in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters” (QSAND), we have been building into the designs of emergency response key sustainability concepts such as modular design, assembly, the use of solar energy and other forms of renewable energy, which could contribute to the search for sustainable solutions for disaster prevention and preparedness.

The House of Dreams supported by the Fund wins UIA 2030 Award

UIA announced the final result of 2030 Award recently, the House of Dreams, a community-based participatory demonstration project of sustainable architecture supported by the Fund, was awarded the winner of the category of Utilizing Local Materials.

Bamboo transitional houses completed and donated to people in need in Lu County, Sichuan

With the support of Red Cross Society of China (Sichuan Branch) and the local government, the R&D team supported by our Fund built 30 bamboo transitional houses for the affected people for the sustainable post-disaster recovery in 13 villages in Fuji Town.

Together We are Getting Through Covid-19

As the fifth wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong has been raging, causing serious impact on the safety and health of people, the Fund has pledged over HK$6.6 million to help the most needy and vulnerable groups through the projects by local NGOs.

Happy Chinese New Year!

As the Year of Tiger is approaching, the Fund would like to wish you success, peace and happiness in the Year 2022!

Caring for grassroots families, helping disadvantaged children and youth grow up healthy

More than 1.3 million people in Hong Kong are currently living in poverty, with one in five people living below the poverty line. Many grassroots families and their children face challenges that are particularly detrimental to the healthy physical and mental healthy of children and youth. In view of this, our Fund has recently supported Foodlink Foundation and Trailwalker Teaching Room to launch caring programmes respectively to show care and compassion for underprivileged families and children for a better living.

Exploring bamboo forest industry development and rural revitalization with a framework of nature-based solutions (NBS)

With the Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) as a guiding framework, we are working with experts and organizations in the field related to bamboo to explore livelihood projects in the bamboo forest industry that is economically viable, socially inclusive, and ecologically sustainable. We hope that a replicable and transferable rural revitalization development model would be refined in the future to address and mitigate climate change issues.

The House of Dreams supported by our Fund wins two International Awards

The House of Dreams, a community-based participatory demonstration project of sustainable architecture supported by our Fund, was recently awarded the gold medal in the Taipei International Design Award 2021 and an award winner of Restoration & Renovation projects in the Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) awards in 2021.

Support research and development projects for bamboo temporary transition houses, improving the living experience of post-disaster resettlement

With the aim to enhance the role of bamboo in disaster emergency management, promote carbon sequestration and emission reduction, and respond to the national goal of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality, we offer our support to the research and development team to explore the construction of post-disaster temporary transition houses that are made of bamboo structures, aiming at improving the living experience of affected people.

The Fund is honored to have Dr. Qiu Baoxing as our Honorary Advisor

We look forward to valuable advice from Dr. Qiu in future, and continue our mission to connect, support and empower promising leaders, academics and organizations to realize impactful initiatives that enrich lives and build hope for a sustainable future.

Forthcoming: a new book on top sustainable construction cases in China with eco-responsible approaches

In addition to the French version that will be launched soon, a Chinese version will be produced.

BJTU+ Joint Team builds post-disaster house for Solar Decathlon China 2021

The team supported by our Fund is working hard on the construction. Be proud of you!

1U1V awarded as the winner of the “Benefitting Society” category in 2021 International Green Gown Awards

The winners of the 2021 International Green Gown Awards were announced on 7th July. “One University One Village” Rural Sustainability Assistance Programme(1U1V) supported by our fund was awarded as a winner in the “Benefitting Society” category.

BJTU+聯合團隊舉辦路演活動首次公佈設計方案(Chinese version only)


House of Dreams (Phase II) highlights community participation; together we built the “Path to Transforming Trash into Treasure”

Through close collaboration, the “Path to Transforming Trash into Treasure” - consisting of mainly an eco-wall - was born in June. Standing as a proud new landmark in the village, it also serves as a lively demonstration for promoting ecological education.

BJTU+ Joint Team supported by our Fund shortlisted for Solar Decathlon China 2021

The Solar Decathlon China 2021 (SDC2021) has been launched recently, with a shortlist of fifteen official teams and two back-up teams coming from 33 higher education institutions across eleven countries. Among those shortlisted is the BJTU-represented Joint Team, which is proudly supported by our Fund.