Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation

Project Focus
Gansu, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and Chongqing
Sustainable Development Goals
CCMCCF has provided annual donation to Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation and supported its long-term development since 2010. So far, 52 footbridge projects have been accomplished, which offered once-in-a-lifetime volunteering opportunities for over 4,500 university students to serve in rural areas.

MOHURD Demonstration Project of Advanced Rammed-Earth Eco-Dwellings

CCMCCF focused its effort to support the operation of Wu Zhi Qiao Research and Development Centre in Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, promoting rammed-earth technology and its application, and organizing university teams to build demonstrative rammed-earth village houses in different provinces in response to the plan suggested by MOHURD. Over the years, the team has already built over 203 demonstrative earthquake-resistant rammed-earth houses in 8 provinces.

Village Community Development & Service Projects in Macha Village

CCMCCF supported university students from Hong Kong and mainland China, together with the professional team and local villagers, in building Macha Village Advanced Rammed-Earth Training Base cum Village Community Centre in Gansu. Since its opening in July 2016, it has been developed as a multi-functional experiential learning base and a hub for local communal activities.

• Advanced Rammed-earth Training Centre
• Village Community Centre for local villagers
• Service-learning Hub for university students from Hong Kong and mainland China

Professional and International Recognitions

Key achievements

Over the years, Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation has made the following achievements(as of March 2020):
Benefitted Villagers
rammed-earth houses
Volunteers Involved