Renewal Project of The Old House of the Rui Family in Wanjian Village

Project Focus
Project Location
Wanjian Village, Longtan Township of Qianshan City, Anhui
CAUPD Beijing Planning & Design Consultants Ltd., Qianshan Civil Affairs Bureau, Wanjian Village Service Centre
Project Cycle
2021.5 – 2024.5
Sustainable Development Goals
Wanjian Village, located in Longtan Township of Qianshan City, Anhui Province, was included in the list of the Fifth Batch of Chinese Traditional Villages in June, 2019. The village is of rich and long-standing ancestral hall culture. The Old House of the Rui Family in the village, with strong architectural features of Southern Anhui style, used to be the ancestral hall and the collective gathering center of the Rui family. Such a historical building is in urgent need of repair and renovation after being long neglected and in disrepair. Meanwhile, the aging problem in the village becomes outstanding and the senior villagers’ demand for a colorful daily spiritual life is increasing. But it is a pity that there is no venue in the village for them to gather and interact with each other as they live dispersedly.

This project will start from the renovation of the Old House of the Rui Family. Based on the ground of retaining the fundamental function of the Old House itself, and further develop the building to explore its role as a common space for the community, which can not only serve villagers as the public venue but also further motivate senior villagers to interact with each other and discover possibilities in themselves. This project is aiming at exploring a more positive and mutually support aging pattern, at the same time, it will explore and provide response to the following topics:

Traditional Village Preservation

The cultural relics in a traditional village and its spirit formed in the time-honored history are of great value from the perspective of spirit inheritance and cultural education. This project intends to develop and revitalize the traditional village of Wanjian with the principle of “Advancing protection and development in parallel”, serving its role as a space for cultural relics preservation and inheritance as well as enhance the cultural self-consciousness and confidence of local villagers, stimulating their initiative and internal impetus.

Aging in Rural Area and Sustainable Development

Population aging is one of the factors that restrict sustainable development. Most of the young people in our country choose to reside in cities and urban area, thus leaving the rural population with a high proportion of elderly people. This project will explore the mutual caring model under the trend of aging in rural area, with its goal to improve the rural ecological and cultural environment and strive to maintain the sustainable development of rural society, culture, and ecology.

Urban-Rural Integration and Rural Vitalization

The urban-rural integration is believed to be a specific and practical way to achieve rural vitalization and also an effective strategy to change the urban-rural dual structure. The renewal project of the Old House of the Rui Family will not only renovate the building to serve the purpose of a community common space, but also make full use of the local resources to empower local residents to inherit local culture, and thus promotes urban-rural interaction and coordinate the promotion of rural vitalization.

Project progress

Building Renovation
Culture Heritage
  • Exploring and collecting local history and culture
Active Ageing
  • Invited villagers to participate in the design and construction