Care Programme For Children Living In Difficulty In Qingshen County, Sichuan

Project Focus
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Sustainable Development Goals
According to the field research back in 2019, children living in difficult situations in Qingshen County are faced with many problems, such as low living standards, slow learning progress, lack of care and inner resources, safety hazards in life, dropping out of school and suspension of studies. In view of this, CCMCCF supports Haihui and its local partner “Rural Women and Children Cooperation & Development Association in Qingshen County” to launch the “Care Programme for Children Living in Difficulty” in April 2021.

The project aims to financially support 40 local children living in difficulty (aged 6-16) and their families, guaranteeing the children’s access to the nine-year compulsory education, increasing their living standards, improving their physical and mental health, thus preparing them for a life in the society. A total of 28 volunteers have been identified to provide companionship services for children in difficulty.


1. Provide a monthly living allowance for children living in difficulty to reduce the financial burden of their families, improve the children’s diet and nutrition and support their living and learning.
2. Promote the healthy growth of children living in difficulty through mental and learning support, safety education and companionship.
3. Provide capacity-building training for the community volunteers, local partners and guardians of children living in difficulty, encouraging them to continue with their support and companionship for the children upon the completion of the project.
Project updates

July 12 – July 18, 2021—- Haihui, together with college student volunteers from Southwest Petroleum University and internship graduate students from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, co-organized a summer camp for children in difficulty in Qingshen (check details)
Oct 4, 2021—-Haihui and Rural Women and Children Cooperation & Development Association in Qingshen County held a group birthday party for children in difficulty(check details)
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