Support on Covid-19 Pandemic Relief:
Online Learning Support and Education Fund for Grassroots Students

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Support Grassroots Students in Online Learning

The pandemic has lasted for over half a year in Hong Kong, bringing difficulties and challenges to all groups and students are no exception. They have to switch from in-person to online learning. Although it can effectively avoid social contact thus reducing the chance of virus spread, online learning is less effective than face-to-face learning, especially for grassroots students. This is mainly because first, they can hardly get help from their parents with less education in study; second, they may have no access to proper electronic devices or stable internet connection; and third, for those with siblings, they may need to take turns to use computers for online learning and homework. On top of these, grassroots students are barely able to have a quiet and comfortable learning space due to their tiny homes.

In view of this, CCMCCF supports Principal Chan Free Tutorial World with the project entitled Online Learning Support for Grassroots Students, which aims to help students in need get through the challenges. The supports include:

· Providing proper electronic devices with learning software for students to help them increase learning motivation and efficiency; as of February 11, 2021, a total of 154 tablets and laptops were distributed

· Upgrading the center’s facilities and enhance the learning experience

· Upgrading online preschool learning materials to enhance students’ performance

Support DSE Students’ further Education through COVID-19 Education Fund

The pandemic impacts grassroots families so hard that some of them cannot finance further education for their children who are DSE-takers this year.

CCMCCF, together with Principal Chan Free Tutorial World, establishes the Covid-19 Education Fund that is open to grassroots students admitted to tertiary institutions. Students supported by the Fund are required to register as volunteer tutors to help younger grassroots students who are waiting for tutorial. In doing so, the organizations hope to encourage the students to develop a spirit of mutual help and pass it on.