"Neighbour - Buy and Delivery" Project

Project Focus
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Sustainable Development Goals

“Buy and Delivery 1.0”
Gather the power of youth to help high-risk groups get through the pandemic

The government has implemented several measures in response to the pandemic. People like chronic patients, discharged patients and their caregivers, however, are still facing higher risk when eating out or going out for daily necessities or personal protective equipment supplies/medicine.

In view of this, CCMCCF supports Jockey Club Tseung Kwan O Youth S.P.O.T. of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups with the Buy and Delivery project that aims to increase community support for high-risk groups by having youth assist them in buying daily necessities and establish support network within neighbourhoods.

The project mobilized over 300 youth volunteers to deliver care to 350 disadvantaged families from Kowloon and the New Territories.


• Provide personal protective equipment supplies/daily necessities for those in urgent need in communities to mitigate their financial and living difficulties;
• Strengthen the role of youth in society by encouraging them to respond to social needs with vigorous efforts and in practical ways;
• Train youth as project ambassadors who help social workers with service assessment and daily necessities purchase for cases supported by the project, thus encouraging them to take social responsibility and further understand the needs of disadvantaged groups;
• Match youth with cases and encourage regular reaching out, so as to set up effective support network;
• Support youth with employment and financial difficulties.

“Buy and Delivery 2.0”

Based on the findings of the Project 1.0 survey, which found that the elderly and caregivers were the most affected by the epidemic, the Project 2.0 was launched in 2022 with the aim of implementing more targeted services.

The second phase of the project will provide online and offline training for youth using a multi-disciplinary approach and will mobilize volunteers to continue to provide financial, health and emotional support to the elderly and caregivers. In addition, the project will conduct research and analysis to explore more sustainable solutions for the community.

The youth volunteer teams have submitted proposals for community improvement in Jan 2022, and based on the vetting results, the selected teams will receive funding to provide better social services to the community.(Click here for details)

Amid a surging fifth wave of Covid-19 in Hong Kong, all face-to-face service programs have to be suspended, and then the project mobilized 600 youth volunteers to give caring calls to underprivileged groups and respond to any emergency cases in need. (Click here for details)


• Compared to Project 1.0, increase visiting hours and frequency so as to provide longer-term service for elderly singletons and caregivers
• Provide financial, health and emotional support to service recipients
• Establish a longer-term community support network by matching youth with clients in a “proximity” approach
• Link different professionals to provide youth with specified knowledge and skills to build a sense of competence and positive attributes • Analyze the needs of service recipients and the effectiveness of programs to identify sustainable and effective social services

“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” Project
Send disadvantaged group gifts and help them enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival

The pandemic has lasted for over half a year in Hong Kong, bringing difficulties and challenges to disadvantaged groups. CCMCCF supports the Happy Mid-Autumn Festival project that has youth send gift bags and holiday greetings to elders and poor families at Mid-Autumn Festival.


• Send holiday greetings and support to disadvantaged groups affected by the pandemic;
• Strengthen the role of youth in society by encouraging them to respond to social needs positively with vigorous efforts;
• Encourage youth to care for communities and extend their love and support to disadvantaged groups in neighbourhoods.


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