COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control
COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in rural areas

Project Focus
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Sustainable Development Goals

Fund the programme on COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in rural areas and donate anti-epidemic supplies

The severe COVID-19 epidemic outbroke in China in early 2020. CCMCCF responded to the call of assistance, funding the programme on COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in rural areas initiated by Beijing Common Justice Foundation, assisting community leaders in over a hundred villages in Hubei, Henan and Hunan, and supporting the community-level governments in conducting epidemic prevention and control in a safer and more effective manner.
Source: Beijing Common Justice Foundation

Provide small grants in order to support villagers’ livelihood and help them resume work and production

In view of the vulnerability in rural areas, the programme helps several villages enhance local health prevention. So far, a number of free anti-epidemic supplies have been distributed, including nearly 300 bags of disinfection powder, 223,000 masks and 220 forehead thermometers. (Check the project progress)

Apart from anti-epidemic supplies, the programme also includes a small grant project. Key community members in the village/local village governments could apply for a small grant of 8,000 to 12,000 yuan to develop locally appropriate projects to improve hygiene, enhance community mutual support, dissemination of pandemic and public health knowledge, etc.

Promote knowledge transfer through a series of webinars

In addition, Beijing Common Justice Foundation has organized a series of webinars to promote health education, rural environmental governance, economic activities, and the development of ecological agriculture in rural areas.

It is hoped the programme can help rural communities conduct epidemic prevention and control in a locally appropriate manner and improve the public health. CCMCCF will also encourage and support the efforts to improve rural living environment, waste treatment methods, and toilet facilities in the future.