A Bridge Too Far
A Dream Come True Project

Project Focus
A bridge-a
Maosi Village, Gansu
A bridge-2
Divided by “Pu River”, it was a norm for kids and villagers in Maosi Village to risk their life and cross the river for daily living activities.

Build the Footbridge to Help Villagers Cross the River Safely

In 2005, Prof. Edward Ng (CUHK), together with a group of warm-hearted students, professionals and academics from Hong Kong and mainland China, as well as local villagers, built an 80 meters footbridge with local materials and methods that suit local circumstances, which enables locals to cross the river safely since then. This is the first-ever Wu Zhi Qiao “Bridge to China” project. With its sustainable building design, the project was bestowed international and local awards, including the RIBA.

Extend the inter-university initiative and organize students to serve the rural areas

Following the success of the first project, Wu Zhi Qiao project was extended to an inter-university initiative. CCMCCF has been supporting students from Hong Kong and mainland China to step foot in remote village, build footbridges and enrich village facilities, and through which enhance mutual communication and appreciation among students and nurture students’ sense of social responsibility.