“One University One Village” Rural Sustainability Assistance Programme

Project Focus
Project Location
Yunnan, Chongqing, Sichuan
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Sustainable Development Goals
This programme aims to bring together the expertise, knowledge and human resources of “a university” to improve the environment and livelihood of “a village”. CCMCCF has been supporting the programme since 2014. Over the years, the programme has nurtured several PhD graduates and conducted research projects on village development, earthquake-resistance rammed-earth construction and bamboo-based structure in rural China.

Further the earthquake-resistant rammed-earth technology and promote village revitalization

The project team has already accomplished a series of renovation and demonstration projects on rammed-earth village houses in rural areas of Sichuan and Yunnan, and established the “Yunnan Earth Construction Research and Development Centre” in Kunming. The Centre officially came into use in September 2019 and held a conference entitled “Universities and Village Revitalization”. Several experts and scholars attended the conference, exploring the roles that universities could play in assisting village revitalization. The Centre now is working actively to further the research on earthquake-resistant rammed-earth technology, promote its application and train local masons in building eco-construction with natural materials.

Achieve technical breakthroughs in bamboo construction and promote the application of eco-friendly bamboo materials

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly building materials. The CUHK team, after years of researches and experiments, has made breakthroughs in the application of bamboo materials by improving the strength, durability and structural integrity of bamboo. The successful construction of “Yi Xin Qiao” bridge in Dujia Villiage of Chongqing has further promoted the use of bamboo in the architectural sector.

Launch livelihood enrichment projects to improve the living environment in rural areas

Apart from the efforts to develop construction technologies and promote local infrastructure, the team also launches livelihood enrichment projects in remote villages in Yunnan and Guangxi, initiating activities such as Enhancement Programme on Early Childhood Development and community development workshops, with the aim of promoting the educational, cultural and social economic development, as well as protecting the ecological environment.

International and professional recognitions