Interview: House of Dreams(Part 3)
Building Renovation in Zhoushan Village: A Way to Unite Local People and Cherish Memories

In recent years, many towns and villages that brand themselves with special artistic characteristics have sprung up at unexpected speed. This has triggered a huge increase in people’s interest in village tourism. However, due to the unnecessary demolition and re-construction, many places have gradually lost their cultural and traditional aspects, while the newly constructed touristic buildings no longer arose people’s interest due to their lack of authentic character.

If the villagers who have lived here for generations lose their collective memories and love for their native land, the local culture will not be able to transi- tion to the next generation and the village will gradually lose its vitality and its “soul”.

In 2002, Liang Jun’s team, composed of several retired teachers and women cadres came to Zhoushan Village – a village located in Daye Town, Dengfeng City of Henan Province – to carry out “people-oriented” community education.

From knowing little about architecture to becoming a communication bridge between architects and villagers, Liang Jun talked about her understanding of rural architecture and how she has successfully persuaded and initiated villagers to build their homeland.