Bamboo transitional houses completed and donated to people in need in Lu County, Sichuan

On September 16 2021, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Lu County, Sichuan, causing the collapse of some houses, as well as human casualties and economic losses. With the support of Red Cross Society of China (Sichuan Branch) and the local government, the R&D team supported by our Fund built 30 bamboo transitional houses for the affected people for the sustainable post-disaster recovery in 13 villages in Fuji Town.

A donation ceremony for bamboo transitional houses to the local affected people was held on March 31, 2022, assisting 30 families (60 people in total) in need to improve their living environment.

The bamboo transitional houses were developed and built based on the local materials, aiming to create living environment with comfortable temperature, air circulation, privacy, safety and health for the affected residents. The project is community-based and designed and built to be simple and easy to understand, allowing villagers to participate in the construction process with basic training. Meanwhile, the project is designed with flexible spacing and distribution to facilitate common space, thereby strengthening community cohesion and promoting the community resilience.