Caring for grassroots families, helping disadvantaged children and youth grow up healthy

More than 1.3 million people in Hong Kong are currently living in poverty, with one in five people living below the poverty line. Many grassroots families and their children face challenges that are particularly detrimental to the healthy physical and mental healthy of children and youth. In view of this, our Fund has recently supported Foodlink Foundation and Trailwalker Teaching Room to launch caring programmes respectively to show care and compassion for underprivileged families and children for a better living.

1. Foodlink Supplemental Nutrition Program
A study by Chinese University of Hong Kong points out that nearly two-thirds of poor grassroots families are in a food deficit situation, with health problems such as unbalanced diets due to frequent food shortages or failure to afford nutritious food.
Our Fund will support Foodlink Foundation to provide 1 year of nutritious food packs to families and children living in subdivided flats, and through cooking classes to raise caregivers’ awareness of health food, promote parent-child relationships, and improve the chronic malnutrition of some grassroots children.
2. Trailwalker Teaching Room Trails Youth Initiatives
Due to financial burdens, grassroots children and youth in Hong Kong often have little opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. Our Fund supports the Trailwalker Teaching Room to provide extracurricular activities such as hiking and trail running courses for grassroots children and youth in the next two years, and to teach them about health care and treatment of injuries to help them improve fitness and grow up healthy, thus providing them with equal opportunities for developing their personal character and enhance their self-confidence.
Source:Trailwalker Teaching Room