The House of Dreams supported by our Fund wins two International Awards

The House of Dreams, a community-based participatory demonstration project of sustainable architecture supported by our Fund, was recently awarded the gold medal in the 2021 Taipei International Design Award – Golden Award (Public Space Design Category) and an award winner of Restoration & Renovation projects in the Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) awards in 2021.
Located in Zhoushan Village, Dengfeng City, Henan Province, the project is conducted by a collaborative team including the design team of Insitu Project, Henan Community Education Research Center (responsible for the educational program in the community and the overall construction coordination), Dr. Ku Hok-bun(responsible for the exploration and development of “solidarity economy” model in the village), and villagers.
This project aims at engaging local villagers in the design and construction of their hometown. Villagers are motivated to upcycle construction wastes to build the research centre for rural development, so as to deal with the problem of hollow villages, population ageing, and the loss of traditional culture. Meanwhile, this project will adopt the model of “solidarity economy” to explore a sustainable path for rural development. (More details)