Exploring bamboo forest industry development and rural revitalization with a framework of nature-based solutions (NBS)

Bamboo as vital strategic resource to address the challenges of climate change and to help achieve the national goal of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality, is an green resource which has not yet been reasonably exploited.
With the Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) as a guiding framework, we are working with experts and organizations in the field related to bamboo to explore livelihood projects in the bamboo forest industry that is economically viable, socially inclusive, and ecologically sustainable. We hope that a replicable and transferable rural revitalization development model would be refined in the future to address and mitigate climate change issues.

The experts are starting to do the feasibility study now. We are going to work with our project partners to mobilize and empower local communities to participate in the planning and implementation of the project, through a governance system consisting of government responsibility, social collaboration, and public participation, in order to enhance community self-generation and cohesiveness, thus promoting rural revitalization.