BJTU+ Joint Team builds Post-Disaster House for Solar Decathlon China 2021

The 3rd Solar Decathlon China 2021 officially kicked off on August 24th. Fifteen teams from 10 countries and 29 universities around the world assembled and will build 15 eco-friendly low-energy houses powered by solar energy within 20 days.
BJTU+ Joint Team supported by our Fund has proposed a post-disaster relief plan called BBBC in line with the QSAND (Quantify Sustainability in the Aftermath of Disasters, a self-assessment tool developed by BRE Trust on behalf of IFRC). Currently, team members are working hard on the field construction.
Millions of people were forced to leave their homes due to the increasing climatic hazards that have happened over the past 20 years. In order to improve the comfort of the buildings, optimize the way disaster relief has been constructed, as well as to improve the energy and medical supplies, our team put forward a design scheme called BBBC – a strategy that includes multifunctional relief bag (Bag), modular relief Box (Box) and a combination of disaster relief spaces (Building). These three are managed by the Disaster Preparedness Cloud (Cloud) and can be utilized with flexibility according to the needs of different stages of disaster relief.
The program runs through the whole process of disaster preparation, disaster relief, resettlement and recovery, with an aim to help rescue teams cope with the challenges at different stages. (More details about this project
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